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Sex Story:
I work in a typical office building in a high-rise building. We are a small firm with a bunch of VPs and administrative staff. I am about to describe something that anyone in this type of office setting is familiar with. It seems that every office has some perky young administrative woman who acts like a real bitch to most of the other people around her. Well, it is Brittany in our office. Please, I don't want to hear any comments about me being sexist. I am sure women have similar stories about men.
Brittany joined our firm maybe a year ago. She is perhaps 5 feet 4 inches tall and I would guess that she weighs something like 120 pounds. She has long straight brown hair that is perfectly brushed all the time. She dresses in expensive clothes and shops at those expensive stores at lunch. She acts fairly professional, but she treats her co-workers like they are inferior and she sucks up to the VPs. Brittany is engaged to some ex-jock that must have family money, as he doesn't work steadily.
I happen to be one of those VPs, but not one of the guys she sucks up to because I just don't put up with all the conversation and games. But, I can tell you one thing, I was wishing that I would one day have the opportunity to have a turn with her. Sometimes things can just happen at a company party or at an after-work get-together at a bar or some other similar event.
Brittany would often give people the cold shoulder and simply ignore people, unless she could get something from them. She seemed to particularly suck up to our president, who is married with a couple kids. The president's boss, and our CEO, would not approve of any mischief in the office at all. He actually asked one guy to leave about a year ago for playing with the help.
We had a company party last summer at the CEO's house. It was a huge place out in the suburbs, with many rooms and a huge lawn. Everyone was outside under the tent or playing games on the lawn, and would use the pool house to go the bathroom. No one was in the house. I had to go inside the house to make a call and looked around a bit while I was there. I noticed the president leaving out the side door quickly and I went down the hall to see from where he was leaving.
That is when I saw Ms. Brittany buttoning up her blouse with nothing on below her waist. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she had been rolling around for hours. She looked up and saw me and we both looked out the window to watch the president walk away from the house. She started to get very worried and the expression on her face was priceless. I felt the power of the situation.
She quickly pulled on her panties to cover her well-trimmed patch and then pulled her shorts on just as quickly. She continued getting dressed while she looked at me. She finally opened her mouth and said that it wasn't what it looked like. I just burst out laughing. She then started pleading with me not to tell anyone because she was worried about the president's career. I laughed again and told her that she was only worried about herself. I started to walk away as she continued pleading with me, and I turned and told her that I would consider it if she found a way to make it worth my while.
We didn't say a word for several days at the office. She would look at me as she walked by my office, but never confronted me. She saw me in the president's office later that week and she immediately came to me afterwards to ask what I was going to do. I didn't answer her and she became very concerned. She told me all about wanting to get a promotion and how she needed the job. I just listened. Then she said it. She would do anything for me. I said I would talk to her the next week about it.
The next Tuesday I told her to meet me in the lobby after work. We met and I told her that I wanted a few things, especially since her relationship with the president was going to continue. I told her that she needed to act much nicer to her colleagues. She just blurted out that she would keep me happy if I didn't talk. I said I was getting to that.
I told her that tomorrow she was not to wear any panties to work and to wear a short skirt. I told her that Thursday was the day she was going without a bra and she had to wear a light blouse. I wanted to bring her back down to us ordinary folk. I also told her that we could go out on Friday night to see how she was going to be nicer to me.
After a few exciting days around the office, with just about everyone noticing her new wardrobe, Friday had finally arrived. This girl is hot, and everyone had seen more of her than ever before, including me. We went out to dinner and she kept asking me to please keep quiet. She was all over me the entire evening. We drove from the restaurant to a bar and she started to feel my chest and cuddle up next to me. I was becoming very aroused by all this activity.
I told her to take off her panties and bra and to put on a good show for the people inside the bar, who were a lot of my friends from college. She definitely performed for the guys. No gangbangs, but she was getting lots of looks. I could tell this was humiliating for her, but I could also tell she was starting to like it. She had probably just 2-3 drinks and was becoming very giggly and personable. I think I was starting to crack the wench.
We left the bar and she was all over me in the parking lot. I think the exhibitionism got her juices flowing. We got in the car and she jumped over to my side of the car. She was deep-throating me with her tongue as I held her ass tightly. I got her to move just enough off of me so that I could drive quickly to my apartment. We got inside and she was all over me again. This sounds way too good to be true, but she had a lot at stake with her job and career plans. She wanted to be promoted and the president to keep her around.
I grabbed her skirt and slid it off of her easily. She fumbled with my belt and opened my pants. She pulled down my pants and took off my shoes and socks. She worked her way up my leg and slid her hands under my boxers. She was working on my balls and cock with both hands as I was becoming very hard for her. She pulled off the shorts and my cock flopped out in her face. She started licking around the tip and working it masterfully. She definitely had lots of practice at this, and it was probably with all her former bosses.
She started to slide my cock in her mouth as I grabbed her beautiful hair and started probing her mouth. I pushed deep into her throat and she was a bit shocked at first, but she did the same thing to me the next time in. My cock popped out and she said "I want to taste you, cum for me now." She pumped up and down faster with her mouth, with one hand stroking my lower shaft, and the other hand playing with my balls. I told her that I was going to cum and she held me tightly inside her mouth. I shot what felt like gallons of fluid down her throat. There was so much cum that it leaked out of her mouth and onto her blouse.
She milked me for all I had and I stood there admiring her work. I lifted her up and unbuttoned her blouse. I think she started to feel ashamed or something for being such a slut. I quickly got those thoughts out of her head. I lifted her up and carried her to my bed, where we took the rest of our clothes off. I told her to lay back and I started giving her the tonguing of her life. I worked her nice lips with my tongue and fingers. Spreading her lips apart, I dove in with my face and licked her with a rapid pace that slowed to a tease. She pushed my face into her pussy as I plunged two fingers inside of her. She spasmed almost immediately with her first orgasm.
I worked on her for several minutes and felt her shudder, twist and spasm with what she said were three more orgasms. She pulled me on top of her and grabbed my newly hardened cock to guide it in her well-moistened pussy. We moved in rhythm in and out for a long time. I pushed deep inside and could feel her spasm every time I hit her g-spot. She came at least two more times and I released my second load of the evening deep inside of her. She is a beautiful woman, and she was mine tonight.
Ms. Brittany and I shared the rest of the weekend together. She was never quite the same around the office again after that weekend. I do have many more stories about Ms. Brittany though, since she wasn't planning on breaking off her relationship with her boyfriend or the president for quite a while. That was fine with me, as I had the power over Ms. office perky Brittany. There are more stories to be had.