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Sex Story:
There's something intrinsically erotic about a library. At least that's my opinion. I recently had an encounter I won't soon forget.

I was preparing for an overseas trip, so I decided to go to the library and research some of my destinations. The tiny library is located on a leafy street in southern Sydney. It's one of those intimate libraries with not many books, and therefore not many visitors.

I went to the library around midday on a Monday. As I entered the building I saw the lone librarian on the phone, trying her best to whisper. I don't know why as I could hear everything she was saying anyway. The library is full of nooks and crannies, so for a bit of privacy I walked around the corner and out of the librarian's view. I sat at a desk with a wooden partition, which allowed another person to sit on the opposite side yet have a bit of privacy. To the right of the partition I spotted a sexy blonde girl working on one of the computers. She looked about 19. Her and I were the only ones in the library.

I looked at her and smiled. She shot back a smile, coupled with a wink. She was very attractive. She was tall yet very curvy in all the right areas. Her tight white blouse did little to hold the perky C-cup breasts heaving beneath. Just as I was thinking about her breasts the computers crashed. The librarian rushed over and asked the blonde if she could do something else while she tried to fix the problem.

"No problem," said the blonde. "I'm sure I'll find something else to play with."

She glanced in my direction. I caught her stare and quickly buried my face in my book. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her stroll over to the shelves and pick up a book. She was wearing a grey cotton skirt that outlined her petite ass. Once she picked up her book I saw her walk towards me. She took a seat on the other side of the wooden partition. I couldn't see her face but I could smell her perfume, and it was just quiet enough to hear her breathe. The distant clatter of the librarian didn't bother me. I was twirling my pen between my fingers while I thought about the blonde girl's tight ass. My cock was growing in my shorts and I soon lost control of my pen. As I leant down to retrieve it, I saw the blonde girl's tanned legs. As if knowing I was looking, she parted her legs slowly. I could see further and further up her inner thighs. As if teasing me, she paused slightly, before parting her legs even further.

Then I saw the perfect outline of her slit through her panties. By now my cock was throbbing. Suddenly her legs shut, and I snapped back in my chair acting like I had seen nothing.

The girl stood up and peered at me over the partition. She winked again, then dropped a note which floated onto the desk in front of me. She walked off past the librarian (who by this time was on the phone to the technician), around the corner and into the unisex bathroom.

I opened the note on my desk:

"Bathroom. 2 minutes. Hope you enjoyed the show."

My heart was pounding, my cock was throbbing and my mind was racing. I stood up and made no effort to conceal my erection. By now I had a precum stain on the outside of my shorts.

I walked towards the bathroom. I pushed the door open slowly, glancing inside. All six cubicle doors were open, except for the end one. I reached the door and knocked on it.

As the door pulled back I saw the blonde girl. She was standing there in a white lace bra and skimpy white g-string. There was a moist patch around her pussy.

"So did you enjoy the show?"

"I did," I stumbled.

"It looks like you enjoyed the view," she said, glancing down at the wet patch on my shorts.

"The name's Mike, by the way."

"Kayla," she said, before grabbing me by the shirt and pulling me into the cubicle. She locked the cubicle door behind me and immediately pushed me back against it. She grabbed the back of my head and slid her tongue inside my mouth.

"I'm a horny bitch and I need to be fucked hard...I hope you're up to it," Kayla said.

"I just hope you can keep quiet," I replied.

"Mmm," she moaned.

Kayla took off my shirt and kissed my nipples passionately, flicking her tongue over them lightly before engulfing them with her large lips.

She dropped to her knees and took off my shoes and socks. She glanced up at me while she rubbed my throbbing 8-inch cock through my shorts.

"What have we here?"

Kayla unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off slowly. She peeled my briefs down and my cock sprung out like a jack-in-the-box.

"Mmm I love sucking big, fat cocks," she moaned as she ran her tongue over the head of my cock, tasting the pre cum.

She raised her head above my cock and let her saliva run all over my cock. Then she opened her mouth and took my cock deep inside. Not once did she break my stare as my cock filled her mouth.

"I want you to fuck my face with your cock," she screamed, as I rocked back and forth, pumping my cock into her face. One of her hands was tucked inside her g-string, playing with her clit. Then she slid her hand out of her panties, and slid it slowly under my balls. She pushed my legs further apart and slowly ran her finger over the rim of my ass. I groaned as my balls tightened and I began to fuck her face harder. She winked again and smiled at me - the kind of smile you'd think impossible with a cock in your mouth.

Sensing I was about to send a pearl waterfall down her throat, Kayla stood up and unclipped her bra. It fell to the floor as she slid her thumbs into the string of her panties and slowly slid them to the floor.

"I think it's my turn," she whispered.

Kayla knelt on the toilet seat cover and peered over her shoulder.

"I want you to fuck me from behind with that fat cock of yours."

I took the hint and loomed up behind her as she braced herself against the wall. I grabbed my cock and slowly rubbed the head against her pussy lips. I moved my cock up and lightly brushed my cock over her ass cheeks, leaving a trail of pre cum. I pressed my cock lightly against her anus.

"Mmm you kinky thing," she moaned.

I grabbed my cock and slowly slid it into her pussy.

"Oh," she gasped.

I slid it all the way to the hilt until my balls were pressed against her ass cheeks. I held it there before slowly pulling out.

I started to pump her harder, as her fingers moved to her clit.

"Oh god, fuck that tight, wet pussy," she squealed.

Beads of sweat were forming on both our bodies.

My cock was pumping her hard, as I put my index finger in my mouth. When it was lubricated with my saliva I slowly ran it down the crack of her ass, again lightly pressuring her anus.

Kayla gasped again. "God Mike, please finger my ass."

My balls were slapping hard against her ass cheeks as I slid my index finger slowly inside her butt. She bucked as my finger and cock fucked her in harmony.

"Oh god Mike...oh god I'm gonna cum."

"Fuck yeah baby," I said, as my balls again tightened.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkk," she squealed as she came all over my throbbing cock. I looked down and saw her pussy juice dripping onto the toilet seat as I continued to pump her.

"I want you to shoot that big load all over me," she said.

She was hugging the toilet as my cock slammed into her dripping wet slit.

"Oh yeah baby," I yelled. "I'm gonna cum all over you."

I pumped harder and harder until I was on the cusp of cumming. Then I pulled out and pumped my cock with my fist.

"Oh Kayla, oh god, oh, oh, owwwwwwwwww," I howled as my cum came shooting out of my cock and landed all over her back. Kayla stayed bent over as the cum came dripping down her ass crack. She looked over her shoulder, took her hand and rubbed her asshole, massaging my cum.

"Mmm I wanna taste some," she said as she took her cum-covered fingers in her mouth.

Kayla stood up and kissed me passionately again. She started putting her clothes on as I slumped to the floor.

"You were good stranger."

"So were you," I replied.

Kayla opened the cubicle door and stepped over my exhausted body. "Hopefully I'll see you again some time."

"No problem," I replied. "Maybe it's time I got a library card."

She shot that famous smile in my direction one last time.

Needless to say, I think I'll be at the library a lot more from now on.