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Naked Blonde

Sexy Blonde

Sexy Girl

Sexy Blonde Sexy Blonde Sexy Blonde

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Sexy Blonde Sexy Blonde Sexy Blonde

Sex Story:
One night thirty years ago when I was 18 -- a very lusty teenage 18 -- I headed down to the red light district one night after work (I had a job as a builder's labourer), cruised through the area for a while looking at the street walkers. It was pay day, I'd been out drinking with the guys, had money in my pocket and was feeling cocky and horny. I liked the look of a big busty blond standing outside a three storey apartment building. She had a tight green miniskirt, good legs in black fishnet stockings, the obligatory high heels. Her blond hair was piled high, face lightly made up, big cleavage barely contained by a white scoop-necked nylon top. The second time I drove by she waved and blew me a kiss.

I returned the wave and parked round the corner. She was lighting a cigarette as I walked up. 'Hello handsome,' she said, blowing a feather of smoke upwards. Was older than I'd thought, maybe mid 30s, a few creases round her eyes and mouth. She put a hand on her hip and pushed her tits towards me. 'I guess you're looking for some fun.' I nodded and she smiled encouragingly. Then, in a low voice, 'It's $30 for oral, lover, or $50 for straight sex.' I nodded again and reached for my wallet. 'Not here. Wait till we're inside.'

I followed her up some stairs, that big butt in the tight skirt swaying in front, and into a quite large single room apartment. She threw the keys onto the dresser and drew on her cigarette. I took out my wallet and counted out $50. She took it, fingers running over mine, then said, 'First time with a woman, lover?'

'Yes,' I fibbed. I was no virgin, but figured there might be some advantage to be had.

'Well, handsome,' she said thoughtfully. 'Make it another $20 and I'll show you an extra special time, given it's your first.' I gave her the money and she put it in a cupboard, at the same time taking out a can of beer. She popped the top, took a long swallow, and offered it to me. 'Here, honey, have some.' I took the can and while I drank she finished her cigarette and butted it out. Then she took the can back and finished it off.

'Tell me lover,' she said coyly. 'You like boobs?' She hefted her bust, making the nylon top stretch. I nodded dumbly. In a moment, she had the flimsy material over her head and draped over a chair. 'Come and feel them,' she cooed.

They were indeed sizeable, with big pale aureoles and lumpy nubs. I gently cupped them and felt their weight, squeezing lightly. Then I brushed my thumbs over the nipples. 'You can do that a bit harder,' she said. 'I'm a big girl, you know.' I took her at her word and started to knead the big mounds, then pinch the nipples. 'That's the idea lover,' she cooed. Her nipples began to thicken a little. 'Yeah, that's what a woman likes.'

I leant forward and began to kiss first one breast then the other, pushing my face right in the pillowy mounds. Then I sucked her nipples. 'Harder,' she said, hand on the back of my head. I felt them harden and then grated my teeth over first one then the other, making her hiss.

I stood upright and she gave me a big smile. 'You sure learn fast,' she said then pulled at my shirt. 'Why don't you get your clothes off.' I took off my stained shirt and shorts, then unlaced my work boots. 'Mmmmm, I love the smell of a working man,' she said as I stood up naked. 'And I love the sight of hard young cock -- and you sure got a nice one,' she said admiringly. She took my straining dick in one hand and pumped it lightly. 'Maybe we can start with a bit of oral, huh, you like that?'

'Sure,' I replied. She sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to stand between her spread thighs. My cock was so hard she had to bend it down to get it in her mouth. She giggled then slowly engulfed more than half my dick. 'Oh god,' I murmured. Her eyes twinkled and she moved back and forth a couple of times, then sunk a bit lower. I grunted again, and hissed as I felt her tongue running about the underside. She now started a steady bobbing action, sucking the head a little each time. I watched the top of her head, noticing the dark roots coming in, as she moved back and forth.

I'd only had a blow job once before -- a girlfriend a few months earlier who had finally reluctantly agreed to do it on the back seat of my car. She had sucked my dick like she was bobbing for apples. A big breath, then twenty seconds of furious up and down, then up for air again. I hadn't given her any warning I was about to cum and she had spluttered and gagged and gotten real mad. No more action from that babe...

But this blow job was an entirely different experience -- not least because the woman seemed to be enjoying it. It was everything I'd always hoped - the pressure of her lips, the warmth of her mouth, the action of her tongue. I was now gasping each time she pulled back and each time she plunged forward.

She sucked my knob again then looked up. 'Like that, handsome?'

'Christ, yeah!'

'Want more?' I nodded. 'OK,' she said and kissed my cock. 'Why don't you do my boobies this time.' She kissed my cock again as I got my hands around those heft dugs. 'And don't forget the nipples, will you?' she smiled before starting that amazing action on my dick again.

This was absolute heaven -- roughly handling the big tits of a sexy woman, the nipples thickening as I squeezed and twisted them, watching my glistening cock slide between her red painted lips.

After only a couple of minutes I could feel that I wouldn't last much longer and, nice though it was, I really wanted to fuck this buxom tart. 'Uh,' I said hesitantly. 'Can we have sex now, please?'

She gave one more slow deep suck that made my balls tighten, and nursed a moment on my knob, letting go with a smack of her lips. 'Mmmm, lover, you've got nice hands.' She put hers over mine as I held her tits and squeezed them. 'I should keep you round just to do my boobies.'

Then she was all business. 'Tell you what, lover. Seeing how it's your first time and all, for another $10 I'm willing to let you do it without a rubber.' She saw I was hesitating. 'Believe me, you'll really like it.' She fluttered her eyelids and ran her tongue over her lips.

I reached for my wallet and gave her the money. She went to the cupboard to stash it and took out a fresh beer. 'Wanna help me out of this skirt?' she asked, popping the top. I walked behind her and unzipped it then, as she giggled, wriggled it over her hips and let it fall to the floor. She offered me the can and I took a swig. Then I helped her out of the flimsy white panties. 'We'll leave the stockings on, don't you think?' she said coyly then took another drink, set down the can and led me over to the bed.

She lay back on the bed and took a little tube from the bedside table. Squeezing out a couple of drops, she spread her legs and dabbed it between the splayed labia. I looked with interest at the pink flaps and the trimmed dark curls.

'OK lover,' she said patting the bed. I knelt on the mattress and she grasped my cock as I shuffled forward. 'That's it,' she whispered as I slid effortlessly inside her warm centre and rested my weight on her cushiony body. 'Mmmmm, nice,' she added, her beery breath in my face. Her legs went over the back of my thighs and she started pushing her pelvis back. I could feel the muscles in her vagina clamping. I pushed up on my elbows and began to fuck her.

'That's it,' she encouraged, 'Nice and long.' Her hands went on my buttocks to help with the thrusting and I told her I liked it. She smiled, dug in her fingers and pulled me hard against her. 'It's a nice bum, honey,' she said and squeezed it again. 'And it's nice to have a strong young cock.' I felt her vagina clasp again. We fucked for a couple of minutes, the only noise our slapping pelvises and the odd grunt.

'You wanna suck my titties again?' she asked, eyes sparkling.

'Yeah!' I said a little breathlessly. Those substantial breasts were now pressed against my chest, wobbling like jellies. I propped a little higher and bent my face down. I sucked one nipple till it hardened, then the other.

'Hmmmm, more!' she whispered in my ear and as I complied, she started bucking back harder at my thrusting cock. It was all too much and, even though we'd been going maybe only three or four minutes, I felt the jizz rising. She felt it too and pushed me back. As my dick came free of her pussy, she grabbed it at the base and expertly wanked. I grunted as I came, watching her direct my spurting cock downwards so the semen pooled on her belly.

'Ooohh, lover, what a lot of cream!' she said, a couple of ruddy spots high on her cheeks. 'Guess you've been saving it up for me, huh.' She reached for a tissue box and wiped her skin dry. She chucked the tissues on the floor and smiled up at me.

'You wanna pass me that beer, handsome.' I got off the bed and walked to the dresser. 'My, my,' she said admiringly as I came back. 'You're still hard.' She took the can from me and sipped, then passed me the beer. 'Tell you what,' she said after a thoughtful pause, still looking at my cock swaying high. 'Seeing as it's your first time and all, I'll give you a freebie if you want.'

'Wow!' I replied eagerly. 'That would be fantastic!' She took the beer back and drained the can. 'Can we do it from behind this time?' I asked.

'Sure lover,' she agreed with a lazy smile. She got to her knees and held onto the iron rail at the top of the bed head. Her back was arched nicely, the pale skin lightly freckled across the shoulders. She stuck her bum back and wiggled it. It sure was a nice backside -- generous round moons with no slack. 'Come on handsome,' she cooed over her shoulder, eyes hooded. 'Get up behind me.'

She didn't have to ask twice and in a flash I was kneeling behind that shapely butt, hands cupping the heavy breasts as my cock went back up her. 'Yessssss,' she sighed, sinking her weight back so my cock went all the way to the root. Then we were fucking, harder and faster this time. I started squeezing her nipples as I pistonned my hips, taking her grunts as encouragement.

After a couple of minutes I let her dugs loose and leaned back, watching as my cock slid between those splayed buns. I could see the full length of her crack and the little purple anus pulled slightly elongated each time I thrust home. It was surrounded by damp wispy dark hairs and glistened a little with either sweat or our juices. I slid my thumb down her crack and pressed against the starfish.

She looked back over her shoulder, flicking a strand of hair from in front of her eyes. 'That's not part of the deal,' she said sharply, though her eyes were humorous. The rosy spots on her cheeks were larger and brighter and she was breathing heavily.

'I'm just touching,' I said, and returned her big smile. 'It looks so sexy.'

'Well,' she relented. 'Touching is OK, I guess. But that's all.'

I amused myself for a moment, rubbing that sweaty pucker as she rocked on my cock, then I leant forward again, grabbed those tits and humped away. We were fucking pretty hard and she was pushing back to meet each thrust, both of us grunting and panting. Having already cum once, I lasted longer this time, but not by much. Again she managed to disengage just before I came, strong fingers reaching back and guiding my cock, the semen this time splashing onto her lower back, mixing with the sheen of sweat that had formed there.

'Oooohhhhh, nice, lover!' she panted, looking back over her shoulder as she squeezed my dick, milking the last couple of drops.

As we dressed, she told me she was at the flat most afternoons and evenings and to come around anytime.

Although I've paid for sex a number of times since that night 30 years ago, that busty bottle blond is the encounter that I remember most.