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Sex Story:
He caught her by surprise. For weeks, months on end they had been emailing back and forth. Stories, pictures, chats; teasing and tormenting with things that they wanted to do to each other. But there was a great big ocean that stood between them, it looked like it could never happen. Well, what happened?

It was a Friday; actually, it was one of her panty-free Fridays. She had once read in a magazine that it was healthy for a woman to go panty free a few times a year, and even had checked with the OB-GYN who confirmed it to be true. So here she was working at the office; a black wrap top and long red skirt on without any panties. She was really getting turned on remembering a hot conversation she had with my pen pal a few days ago and rubbing against the satin lining of her skirt, when her phone beeps on my desk. "Hey, you have a visitor up front," says the receptionist.

So she's walking up front wondering who in the world could it be. She had no family members coming to visit right now, husband was still in jail so it can't be cops, none of her local family members had a day off today. She was really stumped! She turned the corner to the front desk. She was a bit shocked at what she saw. At first glance she was wondering what the heck was Sting doing at her office? And then she got over that shock, "What in the world are you doing here? And all the way from England!"

His excuse supposedly was that he was checking on something. Her guess, he was checking the waves that just started swelling off the coast since the latest hurricane. They stepped outside for a moment and then he whispered in her ear that he was actually hoping for a little wardrobe check.

"What do you mean 'wardrobe check," she asked. His reply, he was checking up on her wardrobe and wondering if she was all talk and no action. "So you really think I'm actually one of those uptight prudes and not really panty free at the office," she asked. "Show me your car and I'll show you mine."

So they walked through the cars to his rental. Leaning against it she pulled Phil close to her and told him to pull up her skirt with one hand and check for himself. Slowly he reaches with his right hand and pulls up her skirt. Feeling up her thigh she could tell that he was pleasantly surprised when he noticed that she had no 'freaking bloomers' as some in his country would call them. More than just checking her underwear, he started feeling down the edge of her thigh, into her crotch, all the way down to her love button. He started playing with it; apparently he wasn't all talk either.

A bus passing by snapped her back to reality, "I'm supposed to be working. Um... it's not that long until lunch. them could pick up where them left off then." She directed him to a few motels not to far from her office. It was South OBT after all, locally known as the prostitute trail; there were plenty to choose around from.

She went back inside the office; only five minutes had passed. One would think it wasn't a long time; but because she had maintained a 'good girl' persona at the office, she was already getting curious looks from some of her fellow female co-workers. Lunch time came around and some of the girls clocking out saw Phil outside waiting. "Someone has a hot date for lunch," they cried out. Being a gentleman Phillip opened the door to the car for her, and slipped something in her hand as he helped her in. As he closed the door she opened her hand to find a hotel key.

Excitement surged through her as he parked and they walked up to the hotel room. Inside was your typical motel room; nightstand, bed, television, and a dresser. What she found interesting was that on top of the dresser were a couple of covered paper plates. "What's under the plates," she inquired.

"We wouldn't want you to completely miss out on lunch in your lunch hour, do we," he replied. Phil came up behind her and started kissing her neck. He wrapped his arms around her, feeling her breasts and telling her how excited he was the first time he saw her in person, how aroused he got as he saw her walk back to the office knowing that she was being naughty without anyone's knowledge. She could feel his arousal as she rubbed her ass against his pants. He slid down the zipper on her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Phil let out a lustful groan as her bare ass rubbed up against him.

There wasn't much time to loose so they moved over to the bed. Phil brought over one of the small plates to the nightstand and removed the top revealing small picnic sandwiches. He said it was for her to have lunch while he enjoyed eating 'something else'. She tried real hard to maintain her composure while she ate one of the dainty sandwiches, in the meantime his talented mouth worked its magic over her clit and pussy lips. She could only get through two of those tiny things before her attention was fixed on the pleasure he was giving her.

Phil's tongue roamed up and down her outer labia occasionally going down near her anus, shocking her while at the same time delighting in the forbidden sensation. With a soft bite to her butt cheek he worked his tongue back up to her swollen clit that just begged for attention. She brought one hand up and fondled one of her breasts while the other was grasped Phil's hair, holding his head in while a small orgasm rolled over her.

Soon she craved something else and she pulled his head away from her crotch and pushed him down on the mattress. She pulled off his pants and grabbed hold of his hard penis. She started lightly brushing her fingertips up and down his shaft, then gave it a long lick before taking in as much as she could in her mouth. She sucked him hard as she slowly pulled up on him and her tongue played against his shaft; she stopped short of his tip and engulfed as much as she could of him again, slowly building up momentum. Her hands in the meantime fondled his balls and would graze against his ass, her long dark hair spilled over his hips and thighs. She could tell he was enjoying her handiwork as he grabbed her hair and made encouraging sounds. It felt good to have him in her mouth. It had been too long since she tasted a man, since she licked and sucked one good.

She didn't get to enjoy it long; the burning in her loins was increasing with each time she took him in her mouth. Not to mention that time was ticking and she didn't want to waste it. She pulled up and got on her hands and knees and motioned for him to get around her. "I'm just hankering to get you inside me," she told him.

Phil didn't need much encouragement after that. He moved around behind her and admired her from behind. His hand caressed her ass cheek slowly, lovingly; she guessed he must have been admiring its ample size. He withdrew his hand, the next thing she felt was the stinging sensation after a hard spanking. She turned her head to look at him over her shoulder. "Was I being bad," she asked with a full pout. He said that she had been a very naughty girl with all the teasing over the internet. There was no romantic slowly easing in; he rammed all 6" of him at once through her wet pussy lips and swayed a little as he slammed against her. Slowly Phil began to pull out until his rounded tip threaten to come out.

"Please give it to me," she begged. Normally she would be too proud to beg for anything. But she knew she wanted this; and if begging is what it took, then beg she would. As he slowly slid back inside he asked her if she was sure if that was what she wanted. "That and more," she responded seductively with a quirk of her eyebrow. She wondered if he would take the hint; in the meantime she was fine with the slow fucking he began to give her. He reached around her hip and started playing with her love button again. At first she bucked under his touch, apparently she was so aroused that the merest touch sent waves of pleasure over her.

He continued to ride her slowly, it was torture ... the slowly building climax. She came on him going slow. She could feel her juices starting to trail down her thighs, and hear the squelching noises as he started to pick up speed. "Faster please," she begged, "faster and harder."

He spanked her, "who's supposed to be in charge right now?" Phil built up speed and started slamming harder, occasionally landing another blow on her ass with his hand. It was one of the most wonderful things she ever felt. She turned her head for a moment and caught a good look at them in the mirror. She was and he was standing behind her fucking her doggy style; his white hands on her dark hips. She saw him looking at her, looking at them; a smile crept over her face and she could feel her cheeks burning. Another slap across her ass had her cumming again, this time really hard; the orgasm was great as it just spread across her, bowing her head and clawing at the bed sheets.

Phil climbed on the bed and leaning over her he whispered in her ear how sopping wet her pussy just made his dick. With kisses across her shoulders he asked her if she wanted something different. "Yes," she told him breathlessly and a tilt of her hips that told him exactly where she wanted him.

She heard a small noise behind her then felt the familiar sensation of something cold over her ass hole. Phil then proceeded in inserting one finger inside her tight hole, slowly working it in and out of her while still stroking his member insider her wet pussy. Then slid another finger in her ass, slowly widening her sphincter muscles to better allow his shaft to go in.

He drew back behind her and slowly slid himself out of her. He poised the head of his stiff shaft at the entrance to her a-hole; tentatively waiting for a sign from her. He began planting soft kisses across her back and wrapped an arm around her waist to play with her clit once more. She pushed back against him and slowly let him in her ass. It's supposed to be a forbidden thing, but it felt good once you got past the first thrust and relaxed. Phil started moving ever so slowly, letting her getting accustomed to his length and girth. Inside for what felt to be most of him, then calmly withdrawing to the head. "You are so tight and hot around me," he told her. "It's going to feel great to cum in your tight ass."

"Do it Phillip," she cried out. "Give it to me, I want all of you." He grasped her hips, planted one last kiss on her back, and began to pick up the pace with each thrust into her back door. She cried out, not out of pain but of the intense pleasure that he was giving her. So long they had been teasing each other, so long they had been telling each other what one wanted to do to the other. Here at last they were, his cock deep in her rear end fucking her like he said he wanted to. She guessed the anticipation was building him up for the longest as well, it was not long before she felt his shaft spewing his hot liquid inside her. His climaxed cued hers and she squirted over the bed sheets. After the last wave shook him he slowly withdrew and them collapsed on the bed. She turned to face Phil as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Sorry you missed your lunch to take care of me," he told her lovingly. "But if we don't clean up now you are going to be late back to the office."

"It's okay," she told him, "everyone is late on Fridays. Would you like to shower with me instead?"

A quick shower with a little 'splashing' and they were walking out the door of their room. They stopped right outside the door; Phil picked a big pink flower from the hibiscus bush outside it, and placed it behind her ear. They drove back, he laid a kiss on her cheek, and she walked back into work hoping that lunch was not all she would see him for.

.... Not that she would tell the girls at the office what she was up to as she walked in to smiles and a few applauses. She denied everything and would not admit that she'd been naughty through the lunch hour. After all, she doesn't kiss and tell ... at least not right away!